Is the compost organic?

We regulate the temperatures of our piles. When the temperatures of our piles are between 130-150 degrees, the heat breaks down any harmful pathogens and most chemicals. We also send out the finished product for testing to ensure that the compost is high quality, safe and free of any other toxics.  

What if I forget to place my bucket outside?

The moment you sign up for household collection with OffBeet, we add you to our text message reminder service.  Customers will receive a reminder text every evening to place your bucket outside.  If you still forget, you can always find us at Mill No. 5 on Sundays to drop off your bucket.

Won't my bucket get gross?

Good news, OffBeet cleans out your bucket every week! Also your bucket should not be any smellier than your trash originally was as you will be throwing out the same amount of waste, just in a different container.  If you are really worried about the smell, we recommend placing your waste in the freezer until pick up or drop off day.

What towns do you provide service for?

We service the Greater Lowell region, which means currently our customers come from Lowell, Dracut, Tyngsboro, Chelmsford, Tewksbury, Billerica and Westford.  We are always looking to expand and if you have an area in mind, feel free to let us know!